behind the scenes at StrangewerksFilms

Torturing People in the name of “Art.”

Tuesday was a busy day at Strangewerks Films. We needed to cast the face and torso of one of our actors, Shawn, so that we could begin sculpting prosthetic pieces. There is a nightmare sequence in our new film, Demon Nun!, wherein he is transformed into…what else…a horrible creature.

Shawn bravely agreed to be casted, even though he had no idea what it entailed. Though he got a little worried when we started covering everything in plastic sheeting.

Some people have withered away in terror, at the prospect of having their body parts covered in alginate and plaster bandages, but not Shawn, he got through it like a pro.

We use Smooth-On‘s Alja-Safe to cast people. That, the plaster bandages and other supplies are all obtained at The Compleat Sculptor, here in Manhattan. They always have us covered. Or, in this case, Shawn.


Shawn getting his torso cast…


Make up artist Christina applying bandages over the alginate…




Applying alginate to Shawn’s face. Yes, we left nose holes so the poor guy could breathe. 

If you want to learn how to do stuff like this, write me and arrange to take some courses. It’s fun and creative!


Covering the alginate with plaster bandages…


Finished plaster torso cast


Finished face cast…

Soon we’ll clean up the plaster positives and begin sculpting some horrifying pieces on top of them for our current feature: Demon Nun! I’m so excited at the prospect of transforming Shawn into a shambling beast that I can hardly wait!


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